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The International Sovereignist Party


Mission Statement & Call to Action:

Government is the Mother of Monopoly; Democracy is her Servant.

The People of Earth have drunk their fill, and the morning constitutional shall quell the pain no further.

A new era dawns...

We Sovereigns of the Party submit that Conservatives and Liberals globally form merely two wings of the same bird flying South for a Nuclear Winter.  The course must fail, for it lies upon the path of totalitarian psychopathy -- where fascism and communism fuse indistinguishably, each disappearing into the other by violent perversion of the source of all progress: the individual soul.  The insidious degradation of the zero-point of all creation from its vaunted mantle of god of the animal kingdom to drone of the Borg Collective will be resisted.  The Queen's insistence is futile.  

We, the Sovereigns of the Party, by our very make-up, instinct and passion for survival, by the character of our own immortal consciousness, move naturally and precipitously in the opposite azimuth, toward the ultimate anti-monopoly: the full-decentralization of all human endeavor.  It is here, the Land of Ideas (the eternal and only true Seat of the International Sovereignist Party) from which we strike vigorously at the heart of that would-be Beast of State, and wrestle diligently by the hour to liberate brazenly from tyrants that most under-represented minority who would stride proudly along the arc of this good Earth: the Individual. 

Join us, the true "Suns of Liberty" if ever there were, We who recognize: Freedom is the Father of both Order and Equality, never the Child, and that the wisest of governments is that august body seeking, rapidly and terminally, its own obsolescence.  We are that Body.  OMNES SE REGUNT!  All are sovereign... 

So let it begin...

Goal #1: Form the largest association of individuals internationally who acknowledge the natural and necessary Sovereignty of Each and All.

Goal #2: Focus association pressure toward formal recognition of such Sovereignty by liberalization (in the classical sense) of both statute and constitution among all jurisdictions extant.

Goal #3: Secure fresh independent jurisdiction for execution of the Constitutional Confederacy of Sovereigns by acquisition of appropriate geography via international purchase agreement from the sovereign state/s of choice.

Goal #4: Imperial Conquest of the governments of Earth by repetition of #3 as the Treasury of the Nation expands, yielding ultimately and only the Confederacy of Sovereigns: and thereby, the Final Liberation of Man from those who would yoke Him to their discreditable service: the highest expression of which (by their own public statements) is the personal individual death of every flesh-and-blood human on Earth.


                 Upon this 29th of July, ANNO DOMINI Two-Thousand and Thirteen,


                    Lord LVCIFER

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