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(to Eve)



                                                                                        God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then                    

your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods...


-- The Book of Genesis

    (Eva by LVCIFER's ancestor Lucas Cranach, 1529)                                                                                                                                                                                       (LVCIFER at 3 months old and 45 years hence.)                                                                                                                                                                                                               


          Son of a prominent think tank founder and Washington policymaker (whose grandfather escaped universal conscription and functional serfdom under King William I's "Second Reich"), T. R. Bringewatt is an American writer, producer and publisher of film, television and music who leads a double life as financier for a suite of private companies. 

           Professionally known as “LVCIFER” [Latin: "bringer of light"], Bringewatt is known among his social circles as a gentleman revolutionary, arm-chair philosopher and international creature of leisure who additionally holds formal title as:

  • Co-Founder of Old Scratch Records (Los Angeles music publishing house established in 2010 with long-time Head of Business Affairs for David Geffen), where Bringewatt first earns his diabolical nom de guerre by handing out business cards marked simply "The Devil";     

                      ["Old Scratch" American Folklore: nickname for the Devil (often depicted appearing at "the crossroads at midnight" to meet the musician who sells his soul for fame, fortune and glory).]

  • Co-Founder and Managing Member of F.N.B. Entertainment (film & television production company founded in 2005);

  • Founder & Publisher of Sovereign National Press (non-profit vanity publishing firm established in 2003);

  • Founder & Chairman of the International Sovereignist Party (off-shore charitable trust created in 2002);

  • Founder and Managing Member of Aurum Vexillum (a block-chain investment boutique launched in 2020);

  • Advisory Board Member for a private non-profit foundation; and 

  • Liege Lord to a small plot of Scottish woodlands.

           Born during the Watergate hearings of 1973 (whilst the nation-state of Greece throws off the last vestiges of its monarchy and Murray Newton Rothbard quietly publishes his Libertarian Manifesto), the infant Lord Bringewatt auspiciously enters the scene as the direct living descendant of that luminary medieval alchemist of the Holy Roman Empire, known professionally as the 16th-century master painter, religious publisher, and pioneer apothecary, Lucas Cranach the Elder*

[*Various works featured in the Smithsonian, the National Gallery, the Louvre -- his Eva, above.  Curiously, Cranach was also granted, by royal decree, two of the first European commercial monopolies (in both medicine and publishing) and served as close friend and confidant to the primary Founding Father of the Reformation, Martin Luther (see Luther's personal seal below, likely influenced by Cranach).]

           Propitiously, the young Devil happens to arrive on the same calendar date as the birth of Theda Bara (Hollywood's original vampire, based on Rudyard Kipling's The Vampire -- itself based upon the infamous painting of the same title).





















           After a short career as a champion swimmer and first President of his local high school (leading a mass walkout in opposition to the then enormously popular "Gulf War"), the Devil goes to college whilst sowing his wild oats abroad during the fat and happy days of the easy 90s... 

           LVCIFER abruptly moves to Los Angeles in 1994 (one credit shy of his fulfilling his Philosophy major) where he fervently pursues a career in acting before ultimately finding his legs as a screenwriter in 1999.

           Represented by the "Big Four" talent agencies ICM and William Morris Endeavor, over the span of 22 years Bringewatt wins ink and curries favor in such publications as the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, TV Guide, Daily Variety, the New York Times and others.  Working steadily in film and television as both writer and producer, Bringewatt develops a wide spectrum of projects in multiple genres, inside the studio system (for Paramount, Fox, Sony and MGM) as well as with a variety of independent picture houses such as National Lampoon, et al.  

           On recent sabbatical from Hollywood to finish his magnum opus, The Alchemy of Gods, Guns and Gold (political treatise to be published privately in 2024), Bringewatt additionally serves as Soul Proprietor and Dark Lord to the "point-one-percenter"* vehicle club known colloquially as MURDER WHIPS (founded in Los Angeles in 2013).       


[The term ".1%er" ("point-one-percenter") refers to MURDER WHIPS' policy of recruiting exclusively from the top .1 percent of the intelligence bracket (i.e., "supra-genius": 145+ IQ).]


           In a flash of inspiration spurred by 9/11 and America's ensuing speculative War on Terror (further reinforced by the coordinated global police response to COVID-19) LVCIFER's primary areas of non-fiction research focus on macro-economics, geopolitics, religious & military history, numismatics, semiotics, etymology, hermeneutics, eschatology, political philosophy, cosmology, anthropology, audacity and the occult.

           The Author jealously wards his sterling reputation as an antiquarian bibliophile, weapons collector, classical arts dilettante, carnivore gastronome, coffee/tobacco/fermentation aficionado, tactical combat enthusiast, amateur intelligence analyst, Paris "Fashion Week" fixture, Oxford comma disciple, and freelance court jester.

           Bringewatt counts himself indebted to a small coterie of terrifying ass-kickers of the Fortune 100 and Inc. 500 -- who shall here remain nameless (with the exception of Mr. Strasser of the City of London), but without whose close friendship this Work simply would not exist...

           Having "married up" during the Winter Solstice of 2020, LVCIFER now makes his primary home in an undisclosed Eastern location with the goddess/consort "Persephone" (a.k.a. the Lady Jacqueline Eve Depaul, pictured below) where he continues his work with a close-knit circle of commercial partners and board members on special projects in entertainment, publishing, finance, philanthropy, and political reform. 


           Additionally, the Master currently seeks appropriate lodgings for his envisaged art studio "The Ninth Circle" (in conscious homage to Warhol's "Factory") from where the Father of Lies shall release his first series of religious works to the public: a collection of paintings and historical relics entitled The Devil's Own.



















































           In his current incarnation (pictured above mansplaining something of dire import to Jacqueline's colleague "Jackie-J" at a pajama party in the Hollywood Hills which didn't even start until after midnight) the Devil stands at precisely one imperial fathom (6'0''), weighs 13 stone (182 lb.) and keeps his eclectic collection of trapped souls within the 130 million-year-old Lebanese amber amulet dangling from a curiously weatherworn chain found always round his neck. 


           Satan enjoys discussing the world of ideas over long dinners of fine cuisine and even finer company (fare occasionally prepared by the Dark Lord Himself).  LVCIFER is a Leo whose turn ons are: long walks on the streets of Paris, the color black, copper-jacketed ammunition, original thought, physical fitness, self knowledge, and palpable interest.  Turn offs include crude manners, militant veganism, willful ignorance, logical inconsistency, and cruelty to hospitality personnel.


           Unlike other gods, Lord Bringewatt may be reached anytime, anywhere by anyone at (spelled in the proper Roman fashion: "All capitals with a 'V', if you please.") and, unlike some deities we might here otherwise fail to mention, the Prince of Darkness shall personally respond directly to all correspondence in a timely and appropriate fashion...


           Caveat Emptor: MVCI ACQVIRIT SEMPER SILENTIVM ["Drivel earns always silence"].


                    Lord LVCIFER


                                               1.                                                                                         2.                                                                      3.                                                                                           4.                                                                                           5.                                                                                         6.                                                       

1. Alchemical "Serpent King" Signature of Lucas Cranach.  2. "Rose of Venus" (orbital path of the planet the Romans called "LVCIFER", as depicted in Astronomy Explained from Sir Isaac Newton's Principles [1799], called a "Rose" due to the five "petals" formed from the planet's 13 orbits for every 8 orbits of Earth, thereby representing the "Golden Ratio" or "Divine Proportion" of 5, 8, 13.)  3. Tarot "Death Card" (Tod German: "Death" ["Todd" being the Author's birth name], the card depicts also the "Rose of Venus", as well as the Roman numeral 13 (thirteenth card in the deck; 13 also being a reference to the Golden Ratio, which is sacred to alchemists and Freemasons).  4. Seal of Martin Luther (also known as the "Luther Rose", a design likely influenced by Luther's friend: the alchemist Lucas Cranach).  5. "Seal of Baphomet" (from The Serpent of Genesis: the Key to Black Magic by French occultist and Founder of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross, Stanislas de Guaita [1897] -- wherein, as according to biblical lore, "Samael" is the Angel of Death, is the Serpent in the Garden, is the Father of Cain, is the Archangel who wrestled with Jacob, and is also the sexual partner of "Lilith" [Adam's alleged first wife before Eve, according to the Ancient Hebrews].  Together, Samael and Lilith form the Gnostic duality which the Knights Templar (forerunners of the Freemasons) were accused of worshiping in the form of "Baphomet", whereby they were rounded up by the Catholic Church and put to the stake on Friday the 13th).  6.  Freemasonic Seal of the Order of the Eastern Star (the planet Venus, which "star" the Romans called "LVCIFER." 







"People of Earth: You're welcome for the apple..."®


********* Basel, Davos, Sonoma & "The City". *********

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